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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Atlanta, GA — 07/20/2008

I'm a Buyer in Training for CARMAX. I should be promoted to Buyer within the next month or so. So far everything has been really cool. As a Buyer, I am responsible for purchasing all the inventory for the store, be it from auto auctions or through customer appraisals. I also help coordinate our in-store auctions, which occur every other week or weekly depending on the store.
Pay. You start off between 40-50K depending on your background and experience.
Respect. Everyone is very cool within the department, but I will say there is a natural tension between Buyers and some of the Sales Consultants, because they often feel like we low-ball customer appraisals, which often kills their sales.. But all in all, everyone is cool. The overall culture of the company is pretty laid back.
Benefits. OK I guess.
Job Security. From what I've seen, you would have to be a total flake to get fired from Carmax. And the company is doing well and growing fast, so layoffs are unlikely.
Work/Life Balance. Cool I guess.
Career Potential. There's plenty of opportunity for a Buyer to advance to a Senior Buyer and then a Purchasing Manager IF you are willing to relocate. The company is growing very fast, so there's plenty of room for advancement.
Location. OK for me I live only a few miles away.
Co-worker Competence. Everyone in the department is a college grad and has been through the long interview process (1 one-hour phone interview, 1 full day of interviews, 1 interview with Regional Manager), so you know all those working alongside you are very capable.
Work Environment. Very hands-on. Buying cars means being outside in the elements, popping hoods, peeking underneath cars, etc. You might get your hands a little dirty, but thats it. While inside, we have our own office where we can eat and listen to music while we work. Very cool!!

In my opinion, this is a very good company to work for, especially the Buyer's position. The culture of Carmax is very young and doesn't feel "corporate".. I've had a few jobs before, and this by far is the best one yet. I plan on being with Carmax for a very long time.
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