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Job Security4
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From LAurel Md — 09/06/2007

I was a sales associate for 3 years

PAY: Its all commision, so the rate per car could be a little better, but it is reasonable.
RESPECT: They management was respectable of the team members for the most part, there is always at least one idiot.
BENEFITS: If you have a family, you may be looking for a bit more, but for a single guy, in his 20's early 30's, it should be fine

JOB SECURITY: You have a monthly quota as long as you are coming at least CLOSE, and putting up a good effort, you'll be fine, if you are following their process, you should have no problems getting your numbers.I actually NEVER saw anyone fired for performance in my 2 years.
WORK LIFE BALANCE: here is a tip, if you dont need the benefits take the part time position, you can come in when you want pretty much and you monthly quota is lower.

CAREER GROWTH: Not much here, a sales manager thats about it, but most of them went back to sales, more money.

Location: not in a swamp or anything?

Co WORKER COMPETENCE: MEh, this is a group of sales guys, so these are not Phd's or anything, but they have the gifts that count whwn it comes to sales, confidence, charisma, and the gift of gab.

ENVIRONMENT: Very cool environment, music constantly going, hundreds of customers, very live, and FAR more fun than the office I work at now, everyday was kinda just hanging out and making money while you were doing it. Good times!
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