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From Las Vegas — 06/22/2007

I work as a buyer in training for Carmax. It is a very good position, in my opinion. I get paid very well for what I do and I am considered one of the management associates. I travel about twice a month with all travel paid by company--fun! We price all the cars and do all merchandising through management and hands-on, both. The schedule is ultra flexible, where we can switch schedules with others every day. Different schedules every week and every day. You do have to work in the elements--cold, heat, rain, snow etc. etc. and that's definitely a down side--but this job is very phisical so you won't need a gym membership :)
You will get a company phone, so you won't need your own cell either. As a buyer in training, in about 6 to 9 months you will go to an interview panel after which you will get promoted based on how well you do, usually within one to 6 months post this interview process. Once you get promoted, you get stock options and bonus structure in addition to salary increase. As a buyer in training, however, you still get good benefits (a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for), a pension plan, 2 weeks vacation and no limit sick days. Pretty awesome package! I like the job, especially where the pay, flexible schedule and benefits come in play, there aren't too many good positions out there right now. I will stay as buyer with Carmax for a while. Oh, and you barely ever have to deal with no annoying people. Very competent, younger co-workers, good people!
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