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From Memphis, TN — 12/07/2008

Overall the compensation is very good, but you work so hard for your money. You work 12hour swing shifts, meaning that every two weeks your schedule is changing from 7am - 7pm to 7pm - 7am. You're on call on your off days, so its very hard to plan an outing with friends and family because you never know when you will get called in. The work load most of the time is enough for 2 or 3 people and management will come in wondering why something wasnt completed. These same people at one point were doing this same job, but they act so oblivious to whats going on. You barely can take a break or go use the restroom. The phone is constantly ringing, plus we act as after hour customer service reps; with all the high volume phone calls you can easily get behind on your work. Management do promote job development and promotions, but its very hard to get in the extra training you need to be a good candidaite for an upper position.
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