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From Richardson, Tx — 04/29/2009

I started working in the Richardson Call Center in November of 2008. From the time I began working at Caremark, I always took note of the environment and how positive everyone seemed to be from the top down. Now, as you get out of training and begin to work, you start noticing more of the negativity that can be attributed to most workplaces. CCRs have every right to feel negative in many respects as we are the ones who have to accept blame and fault for a myriad of participant problems you did absolutely nothing to create. This is a part of the job; some people can handle it, others can not. I have my days.

I haven't had any bad experience with a Supervisor at Richardson, and have generally enjoyed the interaction I've had with them. The entire leadership team does their acting job well in making it appear that they truly care about each individual in the company and also the members that we serve. So in this way I have no complaints.

That being said, working at Caremark, or any PBM for that matter, can be emotionally draining after you take call after call of someone who has either legitimately been screwed over because of the way the system operates, the laziness of another representative, or the lack of efficiency of our mail order pharmacy. Many times participants feel they have been wronged when in fact they did not read their insurance literature correctly before signing on the dotted line and were expecting something completely different. Having to take the heat from 80 different people a day can wear on a person, but I haven't found it so debilitating that I would hope to get fired or even consider quitting. It's work, it's tough, but it is also manageable.

There is the appearance that there are people above you whom are interested in your advancement in the company. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen with my own eyes, however the intention, I believe, is truly there.

I look forward to see how my employment plays out, but for now I am happy where I am at and am very glad that I have a job at all.
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