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From Lee's Summit, MO — 07/17/2007

I've worked for many companies and have found Caremark to be one of the better places to be. Many of the folks who most likely end up having bad experiences are ones that have either been fired, or are not showing up to work or doing their job to the capacity expected. The people they are hiring now are, in general, much more professional and experienced than those that started back in 2005 when I did. Of course, there are some great tenured people here as well who are rewarded through icare recognition and other means. They have been flexible with my schedule, provide competent feedback and reviews. For a call center, this is a pretty good one. Management does care about what you think if you are professional in giving feedback. A lot of people end up creating gossip that is not always the right representation of what is happening, but that's anywhere. All I can say is that folks who posted their issues here most likely have other issues themselves. That person who only got a 30 cent increase in two years; I'd be interested in knowing what their performance or attendance was like. I certainly have not had that same experience. You do your job, be professional, and have a good attitude, and are good with the customers (that is our job!), then it's a great job.
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