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From Knoxville — 03/23/2007

Dont listen to all these other reviews. Caremark is a great company to work for. I obviously cant speak for other call centers, but the Knoxville location is just great...I cant imagine other sites being as bad. I think its pretty hard to get fired. You have to be absent pretty often before youre even reviewed for termination. The "occurence" system is gone, and there is a new attendance policy in place, but even the old policy was very leniant. Its the highest paying call center in knoxville. They have to respect you because Caremark is such a big corporate company...its very professional. Benefits are great. Job security? there is a "zero tolerance" policy, but i mean...just do your job the way you said you were going to when you got the job and you dont have anything to worry about. Promotions are actually encouraged. The director of the call center has made sure any promotion has been from within the company...and not hiring from outside. Getting a raise is relatively easy, and its based of the people that got a 25 cent raise or "none in two years"...thats probably because you arent very good at what you do. i got 70 cents for my annual, and have another 6% raise since ill be ascending to ccrII. I think base pay is 11 dollars an hour nowadays, which is good for west knoxville. Its right off a major has a cafeteria. You people have to realize that this is customer service in healthcare...of course youre going to talk to people you may not enjoy, but gimme a signed up for customer service!
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