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From Elk Grove, Ca — 07/08/2009

Interesting company to say the least. If you want to have a lunch break or the required by state law 10 minute breaks, this isnt the company for you. It is nice to be able to get a hold of the owner of the company if needed, but he doesnt help to often. && managers play favorites, there is NO denying that. && if you call HR to complain, just know that it most likely will not be resolved. Everything is blamed on the employees, yet they never have proof, its just hear say. The company does have great employees though, and thats what keeps me around. I love the girls, and sometimes guys, I work with!! There is potential to go with the company, and thats a plus, but just know, they take away positions just as quickly as they hand them out. The work atmosphere is good, and time usually flies by, but when you step back and consider the pros and cons, the cons list definately wins. Untill I find a new job though, this is where you will find me...
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