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From Long Beach, CA — 08/01/2010

With regards to my department at the California State University, Office of the Chancellor, Long Beach, CA:

The Positive things are: Good pay and benefits. Most co-workers are quite good.

The negative things are: There is very little career potential. The work environment is borderline hostile. They are control freaks, and have never heard of collaborative thinking or "empowerment". Everything is "my way or the highway". Management in my department are so behind the times - they are working in the 70's still, and have not adopted modern work practices, such as automation and tele-commuting. Telecommuting would save time, money, and reduce air pollution, and increase productivity if it was adopted by saving travel time. We do manual processes where they could be automated. Everything is wrapped around with "red tape" and bureaucracy. In my department, the top manager (exec) has been there 41 years and if he retired he could get 100 percent pay, yet he chooses to stay at work, attending half days and producing nothing, yet trying to control everything. Such a sad state of affairs in this department.
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