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From Texas — 12/06/2009

NO JOB SECURITY, I currently work at CPK and let me tell you I have seen servers of 5 plus years get fired for a minor violation. So far in the few months I've worked here I have seen 5 different servers get fired its up to the point where some days you don't know if you're going to get fired for one minor infraction.
CUSTOMER SURVEY's- Managers/ Corporate base 90% of their perception of servers based on customer surveys. And even if you do rack up some perfect survey's it only takes one ticked off customer to write a survey and get you fired. Think about it out of all the customers or people you have seen one is going to be mad.
PAY- its standard restaurant pay (you keep 80% of your tips) plus 30 minutes - 1:30hr of non paid sidework.
CO-WORKERS- good people, help you vent your frustrations with customers and you get to hear some of their crazy customer stories

ALL in ALL- Good part-time job, pays better than retail, Job demands are higher than retail, 20% of customers are awesome 70% of customers are respectful 10% treat you like a slave and will complain in some way.
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