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From Emeryville, CA — 02/12/2008

Most aspects of this job are pretty good, but there is one major drawback that nearly cancels out all of the positives. This drawback is the clientèle. This restaurant is surrounded by some areas that are quite poor and/or just don't know how to tip properly. It's not uncommon for a server here to get less than a 10% tip, even for good service. Considering that servers in most restaurants receive 20% or more for good service, this has always been a huge source of anger and frustration. On the positive side, a lot of cool people work here and I've made some great friends, and most of the managers are pretty cool. Even though a lot of the people who eat here don't know how to tip, it's still possible to earn $120 on a busy night, but you have to work your ass off, and this only happens twice a week max (on Friday and Saturday nights).
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