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From San Diego, Californi — 05/17/2008

I worked at the Dept. of Justice for four years and left for one year to take another job. What a mistake. Fortunately, they hired me back and I won't leave again.

First, the negatives. The hiring process at the Dept. of Justice is tedious and lengthy because it is a government agency, but it's a great place to work if you have the patience to get through it. Another negative is that the pay is low for attorneys who are newly admitted to the bar. You won't make a decent salary until you've been practicing for at least three years. With that being said, if you have a few years of experience, it's not so bad and entirely worth it because you will be able to have a life outside of your job.

Here are the positives. The benefits through Calpers are hard to beat as most employers have done away with pension programs, but Calpers has one of the largest. They also have a great 401K and great health benefits. Also, the job satisfaction is tremendous because you will generally be assigned your own case load without much interference from supervisors. On the other hand, if you need resources, they are unlimited.

Job security is also pretty good. The agency has at times been threatened with layoffs due to state budget problems, but I have never seen it happen, and it is based on seniority, so once you have a few years in the office, the chances of a layoff are very low. Also, I have never seen an attorney fail to make it through probation. Once hired, the agency has an interest in ensuring that its attorneys are successful. Therefore, the general atmosphere is one of support rather than one of fault finding. Another benefit is that there are several offices and several sections. Once you are in the department, it is relatively easy to transfer between offices or sections if you don't like your section or location.
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