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From Chatsworth, CA — 10/26/2006

This is a good company to work for, that is, if you don't mind being slightly under-paid. The environment, industry, location, and colleagues are the positives of this company. However, if you are a good employee, they do not have a solid Human Resources department and no annual performance reviews are offered (although they will keep mentioning that they intend to do that each year). If you, perhaps, are a good employee, you can get a raise (more than 50 cents), but again, it is not offered to you, you would have to beg for it; and often times, if you do inquire so, you may not get an answer for several weeks. This company also hires all its new people, at a lower pay scale, no matter what department or your experience is. It's no wonder that after just a few years, I have seen about a dozen people come and go in several departments. Additionally, if you are a good employee, like most companies, they will juice the life out of you -- and you'll have to work on weekends and overtime into the evening without any incentive other than overtime. They seem to have some kind of unwritten policy about hiring more people when the help is needed, so often times, several departments are run by one single person -- so you guessed it; those poor people are put under pressure to get their job done properly. Sometimes it gets done poorly, so in turn it creates more work for other people. Maybe one day if this company manages to re-structure itself, it can run better with some more motivation for its workers.
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