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Job Security4
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From Menlo Park, CA — 10/13/2010

This position/company is tailored to the top 1% of sales professionals. If you do not fall into this category, you will most likely not have a pleasurable experience with CAE. If you do fall into this category, then working for CAE can be a life-changing event. The uncapped earning potential, growth opportunity and chance to be part of a world-class team are unrivaled by any other company. The amount of money you can make in your first year alone is insane. Management has extremely high expectations but is always fair and treats everyone with respect.

Bottom line: If you want to make a TON of money and are willing commit a large amount of time and energy, you will love CAE. If you are happy making $60k a year and enjoy having a nice work/life balance, this is probably not the best fit for you.
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