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From Columbus, Ohio — 12/08/2008

Our president, Joyce Johnson, maintains the highest standard of integrity by far of any of the more-than-I-am-willing-to-say firms who have employed me in my 64 years. I have been with CCI for one year, and I truly look forward to each workday. I am an outstanding employee at any firm, and I am thrilled at the opportunity to throw my support to a woman - most especially, a woman like Joyce. She truly cares about her employees, and does willingly give up her own financial security and comfort so that we are able to thrive. Her ultimate goal - honestly - is to make enough money to be able to turn over day-to-day operations to someone else so that she can use company profits to support the good causes she so ardently believes in. She not only talks the talk; Joyce Johnson walks the walk. I believe we have 26-or-so employees spread across our four offices, and each of us would unquestioningly do anything for her. We are consultants, so the company only makes money when we are out working. When times are difficult, Joyce does without rather than allow us to suffer layoffs or salary cuts. When it comes to our work, our standards are the highest because Joyce expects only 100% from us. Our corporate reputation is stellar and I am so very proud to be part of CAD Concepts, Inc.
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