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4.0Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From CT — 12/29/2009

PAY-$18.37 a hr- not bad at all for entry level
RESPECT-the ppl i have to work with on the regular i have no issue dealin with, those who i never came across...........i have no idea what in their mind
BENEFITS- FREE, beat that
SECURITY - like all jobs in d US, go hard or go home
WORK/LIFE BALANCE_ i have enough time to do all my stuff before and afer work, and fridays and saturdays off
GROWTH-@ my current stats i'll be makin 22$ and hr in 4 months
LOCATION- XBOX360, pool table, arcade games in rec room-love it
C) WORKER-I could always ask the guys next to me for help when they are available
WORK ENVIRONMENT-it work, not meant to be fun, but it actually is, every reason to have a dress down day or day of fun is taken by management
TSG Shelton CT-
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