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From Shelton, CT — 10/18/2009

I've worked in TSG for a while but I've also come to it understanding what a call center experience is like. Quite frankly call centers phone positions are about as stressful and difficult as it comes. You deal with negativity all day from customers, so if you're not prepared then you're going to hate your job. I love it. I have absolutely no complaints. I've done everything I've had to do and I've succeeded, I've been promoted and I'm making pretty decent money. Most of the people that get hired into the position are young and don't have much experience in a high stress environment. I've worked far too many jobs making far less money and have received far less respect. I've achieved every goal I've made for myself so far and have no regrets. Working at Cablevision is NOT for everyone. Stats are a huge deal, micromanaging is huge, and if you can't handle something like that then I suggest moving on, for those that can, it's an good opportunity to get your feet wet and build up a decent resume. I would not be making this kind of money and I would not have the opportunity for promotions I do, if I was working at any 1 of the call centers I've worked at prior to this one. In reading all these reviews, I can say, at least for the shelton Call Center, that it isn't nearly as black and white as it's made out to be, and I venture to guess that the people with the biggest complaints were simply not very good at their jobs - understandable. If I lost my job tomorrow maybe I'd be on here talking smack too. No one likes a minimized ego. I have one question to ask though, if it was all that bad why didn't you quit at day 30? I didn't start working at Cablevision to be coddled. I came to make money and earn promotions and I'm doing my best and it's paying off. I don't buy into the politics, I do my best to support everyone around me, but like any other call center job, you get your complainers and your martyrs.
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