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From Bronx, New York — 09/16/2009

The company is average. If you abide by there rules they don't bother you and they allow you to advance within the department's as far as they want you to, when they want you to. They are a Average Call Center among competitor's in other industries, but the VP walks around and wants to be the "BEST PERFORMING CALL CENTER" They will promote people within the department that don't do any work, and won't promote people that show the initiative until they are ready to offer them the position. They also promote people who are not knowledgable about the aspect of the business. After someone get's Promoted....they get lazier. What I don't get is it's a PHONE!!!!!! Your talking over the phone to people, how hard is that. Supervisor's there sit at there desk, and say that there busy, and they have multitasking skill's that's worse than the reps. If your typing up an appraisal, and a representative is asking you for help, isn't it the best interest of the company to assist that representative. If your listening to a call, you should pause it, and help the representative. DUH!!! They are supposed to be the expert's in the field, however, they leave the reps to walk around to people they "KNOW WILL HELP THEM" Many Supervisor's do anything that they can to avoid assisting the rep and protecting the customer experience. The supervisor's that work there during the day need to be trained more thouroughly. Most of them that have been there for years, and don't know anything about new things going on within the business. Many of there Rep's know more than them. If you walk up to them for help, they are looking for their LEAD...who know's more about the in's and out's than they do. It's a new day and age, and many of the supervisor's in the day are ANCIENT and don't even know anything about HIGH DEFINITION televisions. They find QUALIFIED subordinates, to call back the customer's and resolve the issue's. It is great for the customer, but what about the INTERNAL customer that is going beyond the call of duty. (IT's not even their supervisor asking them for's someone they don't even work with) How many times are you going to do that, Try to get ahead, and they hold you back!!!! They build your confidence up and tell you your doing great, but ultimately won't let you progress, even if you have shown that you are ready. There is not a big difference between this industry and other industries. Also, it is sometimes about knowing who you know. There isn't much evidence in this company, however, there are many rumors. Overall, it's a job that you can keep, as long as you have patience, and can abide by there rules, and numbers, however, there is no real motivation for growth in this atmosphere.............They will let you progress when they are ready. Other people that work within the company have no want or reason to grow within the company, however, they are willing to give them Promotions with open arms, reguardless of how many times they reject the promotion. It's just because of their "Status" in the Call Center.
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