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From Newark, NJ — 10/22/2008

Cablevision customer service job for me is very stressful. The call center is very unorganized and ran poorly. They wonder why people either quit or get fired. There should never be 600 calls waiting in a que at any given time. It does not show that you value the customer or the representative that has to take the call. The pay and benefits are reasonable, but not enough for the headache that you leave with at the end of the day. The job security is pretty good. As long you have good availability,- come in on time, and come back from lunches/breaks on time, you are fine. There is no work/life bal if you work on a afternoon to night shift. The Location is right in the heart of downtown Newark, so that is cool. The Work Environment can be stressful. You may have supervisors that are over the top, and won't allow you to just be and focus on the task at hand. There was a new program that was rolled out, without being properly tested. STRESSED. As a result, we were penalized for our stats. Then Cablevision wants to ask us what's wrong? It's common sense, these are things that are right in front of their faces that they don't seem to notice. As for the co-workers... most people are pretty cool and feel the same way you do about the job...
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