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From Stratford, Connectic — 08/02/2008

I have been working for the company for over 10 years, and it's has changed a lot. That is to be expected, because it has grown so quickly. Customer Service has triple is size. Unfortunately I have seen good people come and go especially management. This hurts the department, because there is no consistency. I truly believe it is a good company, however their some people that make it difficult work. They worry about the ego, instead of doing what best for the business and employee. Not mention, they can never be wrong. However, there some great managers and supervisors that really care. The others are just there to get a paycheck. We have a new management team, however I do not expect things to change. I believe there is good career growth, however I am not going to insult you and say that "favoritism" doesn't play a role sometimes, however I am referring to a select few. You know who they are. In the most part, everyone is a level playing field.
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