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From westbury, ny — 07/31/2008

Hello all. 2 of my relatives works for cablevision. one has been there 10 years now and the other has been there 4. My bro who has been there for 10 years is handicap but works extremely hard and knows his stuff. Cablevision has been an OUTSTANDING company for him and truly understanding. His benefits are EXCELLENT,so is their understanding when he is late due to bad weather and his growth from hardwork and dedication. He loves working there and does a great job. he gets along with everyone and tells me about it all the time. My bro-in-law who has been working there for 4 years is the same way, he loves it. He did start out low (he had nothing to give really), built up his knowledge and is now doing well. Their benefits kicked in right away and so did the free cable and internet (someone said 6 months wait, thats false). They also get other benefits as well. Cablevision is a great company to work for and I am hoping to become a employee their soon!
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