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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From Sidney, NE — 05/19/2006

This was the best compnay I've ever worked for and I made some really great friends and learned a lot there. However as much as I liked working there, loved the products and coworkers there was no chances for promotion. If you were on the macho side and got in with the right clicks you might get ahead but mostly whatever you were hired to do is all you got to do as long as you were there. Always treated well but it was not uncommon to work really hard on something and then a new executive might blow in take over what you were doing and get credit for all your work.My other gripe was the location. It's located in rural Nebraska a place with little to do, lots of drunks, lonely or bored house wives, small town clicks, racial prejudices, and a strong dislike for outsiders. Many nice people I knew who moved there had their marraiges ruined because the spouse was not accepted into the community, had nothing to do, or was left out of the very male clicks in town. Add to that the lack of things to do, really bad weather, busybodies that always knew what you were up to and small minded under-educated locals and it was just not a good place for me and my family. Again I loved working there and always felt well treated beyond the issues above but felt bad for my kids and hated the lack of advancement options. I wish them well and miss the job but had to move on to advance.
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