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From Lincoln, NE — 09/27/2009

I worked for Cabela's in the phone center last christmas as a 'fast track' and was offered part-time perm this Aug. I accepted quickly since it is one of only two jobs in town that is call center and not telemarketing. The pay is above minium wage which is good and the 4% on accesories is nice (if you can sell some). The $5 for the Visa is good too. I think if they are going to require us to offer every discount then there should be some recompense for if the customer say yes and takes it. Right now, during the 'slow' time i can't seem to get the amount of hours i want but i know when about the middle of Oct. hits that won't be a problem.

It does always seem to be really warm or cold inside, which is irritating and seating is an issue unless your an old timer and have an assigned seat. (i guess seniority has some perks) I always grab a paper towel, napkin or kleenex and some of the anti-bacteria gell near the check in desk to clean my keyboard and headset. I haven't gotten sick since i started doing that but last year.. cold city.

It seems like keeping the job doesn't seem to be an issue but getting full time IS!! If i don't get a bump in scale to full-time by Jan. I will probably get a different job and keep Cabs part time. For a realitively easy job and decent pay it's a good place to be, just push for full time or plan on working it as a secondary job.
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