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From Dundee, Michigan — 12/20/2008

Cabela's...Once a great company to work for. Prior to this company "going public", it seemed that someone (Dick & Mary, as well as Jim Cabela) really cared about what was happening.

The downfall of this once Great company, to much growth - to fast. Cabela's Executives thought they were better than everyone else. Better than the General Managers, Department Managers, "Outfitters", as well as the competition. Instead of hiring true "Outdoorsman", they hired retail people (Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Home Depot,etc.) who had no interest in the outdoor lifestyle and how to manage a "specialty retailer". Stores that were once outdoor "mecca's" were turned into over-merchandised retail stores.

Another problem was that Cabela's stopped caring about the communities they were in. After a couple of years, they played no part in parades, events, fundraisers, etc. They got their tax abaitments and moved on?

I enjoyed working for this Company...when they were privately owned and operated. However, I did not care for their Corporate Management team. These folks new small town retail and Catalog retail. They simply grew to fast and build stores with to much overhead. Their worst competition was themselves!

Pay was good, hours kinda sucked but you knew what you were getting yourself into when you applied for the job. At the Store Level, the Management was Great - at the Corporate Level, the Management was poor.

Thanks for the memories...I can say that I worked for a company that was 1 of the Top 100 Companies while I was there. Thank you especially to the Cabela Family - it was a pleasure to be a part of your success!
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