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From Wisconsin — 07/22/2007

When I accepted the position I knew that the pay would be rather paltry, but I didn't expect it to be in the single digits when other established retailers in the area reward their employees with more. They, however, "offset" this with their generous discount program (which gets the employees to spend their paychecks at the store also with a convenient "store charge"). Respect from the management was quite impressive, especially even at the top. The general benefits were fair, but severely complicated for those who's working at the "Big C" is their first job. The potential for growth can be there if one knows how to get in with the right managers and work hard - just like everywhere else. But to get into a management position, first and foremost, you need to agree to be transferred anywhere that the company needs you. Rings of the Military. A few lucky ones stay, but only for a short time. If they need a manager in Idaho and you and your family are in West Virginia, tough luck. Move or you will never see another promotional opportunity again.

Biggest drawbacks: The company touts that they hire experts in their respective fields (true), but their requirement of employees working 3 of 4 weekends per month, and not allowing vacations during crucial hunting and fishing times, does not allow sufficient time for those "experts" to exercise their expertise. These experts do not even have the time to use the equipment that they themselves had purchased (on their store charge). Constant management shuffling is also an annoyance. With such continuing growth, new managers are always in and out the doors. For the simple employee, a different manager every 3-4 months is traumatic. SPEND THE MONEY AND GET AN UPDATED INVENTORY AND SOFTWARE SYSTEM!!! Enough said. Drinking was the mainstay of the social life after work.

Biggest Plus: Working with the best equipment, products and the most knowledgeable people in the business. Most of the employees were friendly, but also as the other posts stated, clique oriented. Only a few were downright malicious, but that can happen anywhere.

Work smarter, not harder and one can go a long way - figuratively as well as geographically. Great job for a young person who wants to stay with a well established large company, or for a retiree who wants to add a little to the bank account.
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