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From Fort Worth, TX — 09/14/2008

C.H.Robinson Worldwide is the place for hustlers. Customer service is number 1 with CHRW employees. The pay is solid and can grow quite quickly. The benefits are solid as well but it's the stock where you can clean up. You get on the ESSP plan and watch that stock price GROW. It has never declined. Easy money right.
CHRW does hires a lot from right out of college. The main reasons are that recent grads are hungry. You can teach them your way and all they have to bring is their ambition. We don't pay $100k out the gate. Why would we? You haven't made us or anyone any money. How about you earn your money and show us you are worth that kind of coin.
I have been with CHRW for over 10 years and I can tell you that this is the place where you determine your destiny. It's loud like a brokerage room, people yell across the room, we have 2 screen blazing on our desk, we have 2 phones ringing off the hook, we have people running to the fax machine....MOTION CREATES EMOTION. This is not the place for everyone. Applicants from other companies do not typically do well at CHRW because of the drastic change in culture. If you stop pushing someone behind you is coming and will pass you by. This is not a union job. You can't take a day off and mail it in. If you want that kind of job call the Teamsters or I also hear the USPS is hiring. We aren't the place for you.
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