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From NC — 05/05/2008

I think this is a great company to start off at; start off pay is roughly $30k (you usually start seeing better pay around $50-60k around yrs 3-4)and once you are on contract (a yr later) then you can get your once a year contract bonus and if your office exceeds the goal by 30% then it's a "who is the boss' favorite?" It is totally at the discretion of your boss how much you get rather than really looking at the numbers and comparing who really earned that money. But, initially CHR is a great entry level company... it introduces you to how the world really works... overall it is a great company. I do feel that most people leave or transition out around the 4-5 yr mark; you can either be a "zone leader" or try out for management (if your manager approves you to apply); Company is based out of MN so all of the great national sales positions are based out of there; they really take care of the employees and I do feel like I had job security there. They are super strict on email policy & internet usage so be careful what you are viewing and what you receive over IM or email; I do feel like you are in a grey cubicle for 10-12 hrs a day.. and if you hate 2 ringing phones on your desk and 2 computer screens and a truly fast-paced environment then you need to go work at a bank. The big negative for me is the work environment! There are huge goals and each office each year is pushed to the brink so the stress increases with each office each year scrambling to make and exceed goals by 30% (this is what your end of year bonus is based off of). VERY HIGH STRESS!!! Offices are not very professional... and you are likely to hear a lot of profanity on a daily basis and you feel like you are putting truck drivers out of business on a daily basis... You are selling to traffic managers, CEO's, shippers/receivers, and carriers; You should really like being on the phones all day from 730-530 pm non-stop; you are expected to make 100 calls a day and are micromanaged to the max. Believe me! The track everything... a lot of other reviews for other companies complain about how their companies don't pay for things and don't take care of the employees... I can't say that.. CHR definitely has a great benefit program with a 4% match and their stocks are continually rising... very stable and growing each quarter... old company been around 100 + years but quality of life suffers because you spend so much time at the office(more of inside sales positions) and you will have to come into the office some Saturdays and possibly have to be on call 24 hrs a day for customers (on your personal cell phone) but CHR will reimburse you; they always reimburse you... so overall you can see it's a seesaw depending on what you are looking for... I wouldn't reccommend it to someone who has been in the game for a long time... they pushed a lot of the old guys out of the company and now offices are ran by a bunch of 20/30 somethings... do your research and ask questions...
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