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From Grand Rapids, MI — 03/01/2010

The worst thing you can say about C/D/H is that the partners care too much. That's not a bad thing. For some, the group is TOO tightly knit; too much like a family. If you like working at a place where you know TOO much about what's going on with the management of the company (for better or worse) C/D/H is the place for you.

The partners of this technology consulting firm give 110%, all the time. They rightfully expect their employees to do the same. The environment isn't competitive. Consultants aren't graded on a curve. Rather, they are expected to adhere to set of core values, one of which is continuous improvement. "There aren't just words on the wall. Techno-slackers, beware! This is no place to land if you want to fall between the cracks and do as little as you can to earn your paycheck.

C/D/H has survived two dreadful economic periods. First through the burst "technology bubble" of the 90's, then the post-Clinton economic disaster upon which "W" did his drunken sultan dance (and Obama ain't doing too much to help either). This survival is mostly attributed to the willingness of the employees of the firm to give their all to keep themselves above the waterline.

Bring your liver. The office has a bar and they know how to use it. Teatotalers won't make it long at this place. Company gatherings are often an excuse to tie one on. This is another area where the partners give 110%. They'll stock the bar with your favorite expensive booze. Cheers!

For the right candidate, the expectations of an employee of C/D/H won't exceed your own career and production goals. It goes without saying that you know computer systems inside and out, but being a C/D/H consultant is a lot more than that. An understanding spouse (or none at all), a willingness to do some homework, and tolerance for more than occasional, sometime extended travel are a must.
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