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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Cleveland, OH — 04/14/2010

I have to say after more than 8 years with the company I feel new life. I recently hated it and it got to the point of starting to take a toll on everything we do. There is a lot of change going on, we have a lot of new management, they finally fired our dm after over a year of torture which clearly the regional people saw through and had enough too. I think for anyone joining that as all retail it tough, burlington is getting better and this is the best time ever to jump on.

Pay is good, nothing outstanding, but I get my check each time and were doing reviews with raises this year
Respect is incredible, how many times does your operations director come into your buidling and actually talk with people, what a concept, our rvp gives us respect like we're people as well. Our last visit our regional operations guy was cleaning shelves and helping prepare for the holiday and spent time with each associate. II hope the rest of the company culture has changed to this, people that aren't so high on the totem pole that they don't care anymore. This is the way it used to be,
Security is good, we're getting more stable in a bad economy I think.
Career growth is ok, most are happy doing what they do. If I wanted to move up I feel it's possible, but a lot depends on if youre willing to move.
Location is tough, we're in a very bad enighborhood, but our associates love our clientele and also enjoy fighting the good fight and making a difference where we live.
Coworkers are all good, we have issues like everyone else, but simply put things are good overall.

It's a tough job, but if you want to be respected and paid ok, you have to work for it and after a bunch of interviews sevceral months ago, I keep realzing how much more I am going to stay here because it doesn't look greener on the other side,
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