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From New Hampshire — 04/05/2010

I've worked at Burlington Coat Factory for about six weeks so far. I was offered the job at the end of the interview, it felt like all I was asked was if I actually wanted the job.

Pay - I make $7.25/hour aka minimum wage. It kind of sucks because I made $7.50 + tips at my last job, but I get more hours at BCF. There a chance to get a raise every year where you get evaluated and such. I got hired just after the evaluation period this year.

Respect - I'd say it's average, it's definitely not horrible, but it's not excellent either. It's such a huge store, 50+ employees compared to the 7 I used to work with. But everyone's fairly nice and willing to show you what to do.

Benefits - I only work part time and don't qualify for them, but they seem alright. We get a 10% discount and on special occasion it moves up to 20-25%

Job Security - there's a kind of high turnover rate, but as far as I've been there only one guy has gotten fired (he shoved another employee hard) and several other employees witnessed it and he was fired. I don't know the whole story. There are employees who have been there over 5 years.

Work/Life Balance - I'm still in high school so working 20-30 hours a week definitely puts a dent in my social life. Between homework and work I have almost no time to hang out with friends especially since I work around 5 hours friday night and eight hours on both weekend days.

Career Potential/Growth - I don't really feel I have any chance for upward movement, people who have been there five years are still in the same place they started in.

Location - It's fairly good; just over the border from the town I live in. I'm hoping to be able to transfer to a BCF down south when I go to college.

Coworker Competence - As always you have your good and bad coworkers. Some chitchat with neighboring department's cute guys and do nothing to help, but others are constantly working hard.

Work Environment - The customers can be really rude, but you just can't let it stick and have to shrug it off.
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