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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment3

From Newport News, VA — 07/21/2008

I've been working for BK for almost a year now. I've been able to work any hours I wanted. The co-workers are nice and the quality of work environment make one feel like hanging out there off the clock. While the pay caps out under $15, as long as there people not showing up, you can work crazy hours. The benefits include half-off meals for the day you work, and a very flexible work schedule. It's easy to move up; the only catch is you have to do your job. Appearantly there are workers who don't do their jobs and this fact makes advancement and pay raises easy to obtain. It's actually really hard to get fired at the one I work; a month or two of repeated offenses. Some customers are crap, but many can be nice and can help make a day go along without too much stress.
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