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From Ohio — 06/05/2010

It appears that, like most Brookdale Senior Living facilities, changes in staff are constant. There is no real team atmosphere. Bottom line seems to be about the money. Yes, that is important as you need money to spend money; however, where the money is spent when collected remains a secret. It is not spent on activities, caregiver training, quality food products, housekeeping or preventative maintenance.

Corporate appears to care, but with the number of communities they own and manage, there is not enough time for them to REALLY find out what is happening at the community level. They put way too much confidence and trust in the executive directors. Executive directors should be monitored more closely and be more accountable for the high turnover. People don't just leave jobs--especially with the economy in a downturn. Higher ups need to investigate WHY a person leaves and it should be a confidential meeting. Personnel should be able to speak their minds and not be afraid of retaliation, which they are.

They promote personnel on what is easiest and not on ability and skills. By doing this, it hurts the entire community and they go backward instead of foreward. They should value and strive to keep good, loyal and exceptional personnel.

Bigger is not always better.
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