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From New Brunswick, NJ — 08/06/2008

The whole outsourced system is going to implode eventually. Senior management is clueless that the outsourcing has failed miserably. Suppliers cannot get paid and need to contact outsourced service via e-mail in Manila (yes, the Philippines). I have been assigned work that is normally done by 2 levels above me, of course, this is not reflected in my salary. It is not really my Director's fault, she's had 3 positions eliminated from our area in less than a year, but that doesn't mean the volume of work has decreased. In fact, it has increased.

I was told that if I don't take on MORE responsibility, for which I also will most likely not be adequately compensated, I will be given an ultimatum to do it or leave. Like that is a big threat under the current conditions!

I'm not a slacker. I put in my full schedule at work and always an hour or two at home in the evening. I volunteer to take on projects. The people Who do the work they want me to do earn a minimum of $20,000 a year more than I do. If they want me to do it, promote me and pay me.

Thank goodness I work for a Director who is flexible with my schedule if I need to do something for my kids. I want out badly, but the job market is not that great now.

I am also fortunate to be located at one of the smaller sites. The politics are crazy in Lawrenceville and Nassau Park sites.

All of the interns who used to work for the company during college would beat down the doors to get in. Not one was hired last rotation - because all of them were smart enough not to apply.

I think the folks at ConvaTec lucked out with being sold. Ironically, ConvaTec and Mead Johnson are the two divisions that consistently turn a profit.
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