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From Maple Grove — 02/17/2010

The pay at BSC is decent but less than SJM and MDT. The respect and communication among departments of the same function is good but cross-functionally it needs improvements due to weak leaders with their own ambitious agendas. The benfits are awesome since they are centalized under Mass. state law. The Job security is horrible because we have seen 2 major RIF (reduction in force) in two years. Work/Life balance is bad because everybody is so stressed and afraid to lose their job that some overworked trying not to become a target and even those who have gone above and beyond have been RIF'ed. It's terrible. I'm glad I left. In a company that is crumbling under it's bloated weight, only butt kissers who can get into the inner circles of the elites of BSC get promotions and it has little to do with performance, talents, skills, and everything to do with who you know and how well. Extremely beauracratic if you ask me. Politicians would be good to work for BSC since they know how to handle but what BSC need are talented Engineers. It's no wonder they don't have R&D anymore. Location are good. Co-worker competence depends. Work environment is okay.

Short story, BSC needs to restructure, RIF the deadwood executives/middle management, then RIF the below. If they RIF below first, alas, all is lost because of the beauracratic system created will cause the good engineers to be RIF and the ass kissing incompetent engineers to stay back. From what I hear they are rif'ting their good engineers already. Engineers that helped resovled their CWL issues are getting the pink slip. Horrible company to work for because your thanks for working 50+ hrs (sometimes 70hrs) is a pink slip. Why should talented professionals work for such a company with little loyal to hard working individual.
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