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Job Security1
Work/Life Balance5
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Work Environment5

From Kansas — 11/13/2009

Worked for the company a few years back as seasonal help. Since this was my second job at the moment, I didn't really have too high expectations. Was surprised I even got the job, I know nothing of books. Stupid Twilight readers and the multitude of questions asked was more frustrating than dealing with management. Store manager was distant and sat in the back sitting on her backside. Other than doing merchandise resets, she basically just gossiped and stood at the customer service desk standing there. The registers were prehistoric. Coupons and deals confusing. Company more concerned with Borders reward program than actual transaction counts or PnL. No wonder the company will dissolve with such dismal corporate support. Pay- Well for retail. Respect- None. Benefits- Adoption program is a rare perk. Job security- None. Could be out of a job any day. After the holiday season, hours were cut to three hours a week. Work/life- No problem at all. Career- As long as you got on the sups good sides, not a problem. Location- Commercial, not in an urban environment like other Borders/Walden stores. Competence- Some people just coasted along. Don't even bother calling for register back-up, if your on the register, one-two people on the floor disappear and the manager/supervisor is more concerned talking on the phone in the back. Work Environment- For retail it isn't bad.
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