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3.3Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth2
Work Environment4

From Los Gatos — 01/27/2009

PAY: meh. i worked there for a year and a half and FINALLY got a $.50 raise after a YEAR. I would ask for another one, but i dont think thats possible because 1.) the economy is bad and 2.) we keep on losing and getting new managers so I don't ever have a chance to even get to know the store managers before they leave their job/get fired.
RESPECT: some of the managers are cool, some arent. most are really awesome though. its in los gatos so a lot of the customers are rich and rude. i dont find it toooooo difficult to deal with, it just makes for a minor annoyance and a funny story later
BENEFITS: nil for part time and i hear they just cut benefits for full time
JOB SECURITY: you have to screw up big time to get fired. that is, unless you are management, in which case, they will fire you for sneezing.
WORK/LIFE BALANCE: I go to school and so do the majority of the people who work there and somehow they are able to get it all straight. Ive never had a problem with my schedule or getting time off when i needed it.
CAREER POTENTIAL/GROWTH: its pretty easy to become a supervisor here, but it seems like they are ALWAYS quitting/getting fired/getting demoted. apparently they are underpaid and way overworked, from what i've heard, so i've never bothered.
LOCATION: there are borders everywhere, my only complaint is that its sometimes near impossible to park. It can take up to AN HOUR just to park your car to get to work. not borders fault though.
CO-WORKER COMPETENCE: everyone is pretty cool, so if one person doesnt know something, there will probablky be someone there more than happy to help them out. the managers can be a bit clueless (because they are ALWAYS new), but a lot of people have been there for a long time and they DO know what they are doing
ENVIRONMENT: fun, laid back for the most part. especially awesome if you are into books.
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