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From Ann Arbor, Michigan — 11/30/2008

I worked at Borders Corp. headquarters in Ann Arbor and it's not any better than working in the field. Since the arrival of George Jones there have been three major lay-offs within the building and multiple smaller lay-offs. Due to the financial mess the company is currently in the employees at corporate have to keep all unnessary lights off (really? who determines if we need the light or not), we have to print doubled sided, empty our own trash cans and dress based on the weather because the heating and cooling has been adjusted to save $$. We had to consolidate all office supplies and have to request staples or a new pen. All the benefits and fun aspects of working at Borders are gone. Add to that they also stopped matching our 401k. I jumped ship when they fired a large portion of my department and expected the rest of us to pick up the slack, it was an impossible task, they cut the department too deeply. For anyone considering working at Borders or at the corp. offices I say, keep looking, don't take the job because I will bet any money they will file for bankruptcy when the 4th quarter ends in Jan. 2009.
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