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From Murray, Utah — 03/07/2008

I'll agree with everyone; the pay is terrible. I started at $6.25 / hr as a cashier. (I was legally required to get some job; any job.) Thankfully my wife works for the Post Office, or we'd be living on the street.

Now the good stuff. I'm lucky enough to work at a store where the management team from the GM on down are all laid-back, competent helpful people who actually WANT to help their employees. Yes, they want you to work, but come on- it's retail, folks. I know I've heard horror stories from other stores, but like I said, I'm lucky.

Work/Life balance? I work full-time, but when I asked to change my schedule so I could have the same days off my wife had, my GM agreed right away; said she really believed in making sure my family time was available. Result: happy wife, more satisfied employee.

You get all the respect you deserve; the few employees that we have (had) who were total idiots were given many chances; most weren't bright enough to understand what 'work' actually meant, and either quit, or let go. Anyone willing to do their job is treated very well. I was Inventory supervisor over the holidays; that was a bit of a nightmare, but I got as much help as was available. When I had to recently step down due to health concerns, management really were very supportive.

My coworkers overall are very competent; many have been there for years, and really know their stuff. The new hires from the holidays who've been retained are really worth it; heck, a couple of them are even better than me. *grin*

Finally, because of all this, my work environment is great; the best place I've ever worked. No, I'm not a suck-up; but I've been around long enough to really appreciate competence when I see it; especially in my boss. I've worked every position in the store, from cashier to cafe to supervisor, and I still love working there. I'm sorry that all the stores aren't this nice; I understand bad bosses, and that does suck extremely.

Good luck, everyone. May you all find jobs you love.
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