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From Boston, MA — 06/07/2007

I worked for Borders for 7 years. Obviously I liked it, but everyone is right, the pay is terrible. I think people have romantic notions of working in a bookstore and forget that it is a retail business like any other. I loved the benefits though. The insurance was great (as opposed to the crap I have now), you get to check out books like a library, and you get promo books and cd's. Most of the people who worked at both of the locations I worked at were very intelligent people with some quirkiness to add to the mix. We hung out in and out of work.

As for the work. I started out as a bookseller and worked my way up to Operations Manager. There are good and bad employees, good and bad managers and I have seen my share of both. It is hard work, with the company constantly added new rules to anger and frustrate their hardworking, underpaid employees. However, for someone who loves books and movies...the bad was greatly outweighed by the good.
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