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From CA — 09/21/2009

Worked for Boeing/McDonnell Douglas for about 20 years. I found the technical work very stimulating & I learned a lot as a cost reduction engineer/I.E./Project Manager. The downside was the disgusting managerial behavior. Without going into great detail... employees, mostly technical, are threatened should their conclusions not coincide with the managerial 'conclusions' on an honest assessment of a a project's viiability. This 'rotten behavoir' extends all the way to the top to the various CEOs & VPs who have been exposed as less than models for the rest of us. This is very damaging to the success of the company as good people leave & others just hunker down to avoid the clunky management. In my case, I introduced a technical innovation that saved the Company many millions of $$$ only to be rewarded with an etched beer mug a 2% "merit raise (5 % inflation) + no promotion. This innovation exposed a serious design decision 10 years previously not to incorporate this manufacturing technology which would have saved multi-millions if implemented. I made many, many in-house enemies by advancing the Companies welfare @ the expense of my career. Not exactly the way to run a major corporation.
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