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From Houston, TX — 10/18/2008

I love working for Boeing! They are a fantastic company who cares about their employees and wants them to succeed. I have never had a job where I have been so appreciated and made to feel like I was what was missing from the group.

The pay is very reasonable considering I work in the Aerospace Industry and this is an oil town. I used to work for United Space Alliance and they pay with Boeing for the same experience is significantly higher (30%).

I love my job. Boeing allows you to balance work life and home life quite fantastically. If your kid is sick you can use sick time or just work from home!! If you have a doctor's appointment you get paid time off. They are just so very flexible and have no problems working with you.

Boeing offers great benefits for medical, dental, and vision. They have tuition reimbursement and the degree you are seeking does not have to be job-related. They pay 100%. They also gave great discounts with a ton of companies for products like laptops and cell phones, etc.

I honestly hope that I work for Boeing for the rest of my engineering career. With Boeing being located in about 48 states, this doesn't seem like it will be a challenge. I can't recommend them enough!
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