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From Jacksonville, FL — 02/13/2009

I've been with Blockbuster, part time, since late 2004 and I've enjoyed working there.
Pay: Started at Minimum wage, never got a raise except with minimum wage until I was promoted, at which point I waited 5 months to see a raise. Never saw any backpay and my DL won't go to bat for me. Luckily I have a full time Job that pays reasonably.
Respect: As a store level employee, you get almost no respect from anyone above store manager level unless you break sales records or work in a store that actually manages to fill the insane goals that corporate sets for the store level. From my store manager and my coworkers I've always felt respected. Although, when my last store manager first came in, she thought I was a lazy bastard until she realised that I just couldn't make up for the crappyness of those who worked the shift before me in time to keep up with my own duties, and ever since we have been a big happy family in our store.
Benefits: I don't take any of the benefits available to me, but I really love and use the hell out of the free rentals.
Job Security: I've never felt anything but secure in my job. For one, my store does so little hiring that we don't ever have to fire anyone for anything short of stealing or no-shows.
Work/Life Balance: My SM has been nothing short of accomadating when it comes to my part time schedule, and the with new hours just recently I can actually have an evening after closing the store.
Career Potential: Eh. I never cared about promotion. This is the gig I do for fun more than anything.
Location: a 5 minute drive at most.
Co-Worker Competence: As I said, as long as they are showing up, not ripping the store off, and taking customers on register and also getting sales, I consider whoever I work with to be great. It gives me time to finish projects, Do weekly assigned activities, etc.
Work Environment: No comment, really.
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