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From Collegeville, PA — 12/26/2008

Pay: As a shift lead, I wasn't expecting a super salary, so $10 was okay by me. However, raises were non-existant and "extra work" was not compensated for.

Respect: The main issue in this section no longer works for the company, so my complaint is mostly moot. District employees were extremely harsh and unforgiving to our store employees, though I believe it was that much worse that the GM wouldn't answer their calls.

Benefits: For a "just for now" job, the benefits weren't that bad - insurance that covers emergencies and store freebies kept me content. I would have liked to view stock options or other benefits, but they were not offered to me.

Job Security: Fairly steady. There was a high turnover rate at the store that ensured no one else would be fired (unless you *really* deserved it) since they couldn't afford to lose anyone else.

Work/Life Balance: My major complaint in this area was being assigned shifts at other stores. Some of these stores were 30+ miles from my store, had different setups, different clientele. About half of these shifts I received on my day off or on days that I had requested off ahead of time - calling store managers to inform them that I could not cover the shift resulted in bad marks on evaluations, claiming I wasn't a "team player."

Career Potential/Growth - Several opportunities to be promoted to shift lead, first assistant and store manager in several stores while I was employed. Turnover rate seemed very high.

Location: Very busy shopping center, tucked away in the corner. Parking was always an issue. There are two signs for the store on the shopping center sign so it was easily found.

Co-Worker Competence: Mostly high school students trying to make a quick buck. Most didn't put in an effort.

Work Environment: Moot point now, but the store manager was a nightmare to work with. Morale was horribly low.

The odd thing about the company that I still haven't figured out was their training program. My initial orientation was at a store 30 miles away and I showed up only to be told it had been canceled. I was assigned to work in one store but scheduled to train in a different store... making my few shifts in "my" store difficult as employees didn't know/respect someone they hadn't worked with before.

The store manager at the store I mostly worked at was also the district trainer, making her work Monday-Thursday during the day and Sunday during the day. She was in store only Mon-Wed. Not having a physical store manager present during busy shifts or holidays made it extremely hard to have customer service done quickly and efficiently.

The bottom line: Need a part-time job? Not a bad option overall as a Customer Service Representative. You'll spend your shifts on the registers, upselling and tidying up the store. Any customer problems can be fielded off on shift leads or managers. If you're looking for a full-time position, I'd try elsewhere. I did.
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