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From Provo, UT — 07/30/2008

I absolutely loved my job at blockbuster. I got paid to talk about movies and watch movies. It is not difficult in the least. With that in mind, Blockbuster beyond your store level does not care about you. I loved working for our store manager and most of the staff was fantastic. We loved movies and were there for that reason. However, pay is terrible. I was able to put up with it due to my enjoyment of the job, but that can only take you so far. Once a year we get raises. My store manager did my employee evaluation, gave me highest marks possible, and did everything in his power to get me the maximum raise amount. I received 20 cents (.20, 20% of a dollar). He knew is was BS, I knew it was BS, but that was the maximum amount and not much could be done. It was then that I realized that despite me liking the job, I could not stay. Bad pay is OK if you know that one day you can make more by working hard and you enjoy your job. Knowing that it will take you 5 years to gain a dollar in your hourly wage despite the best recommendations possible is a slap in the face. I was with the company 2 years and ended at $8.70 an hour. That includes my jump in pay from moving up to a shift lead (pretty much the only possible way to get a raise, but there is not much room to grow after that).

Respect was fine. I felt that if I treated both customers and employees with respect, they often did the same. Some customers will freak out no matter how you handle a situation, and some employees just simply don't care about you or themselves. But, for the most part, respect was not an issue.

Benefits are sweet. You get 5 free rentals a week plus a 6th that can be used on a video game (it changed to this newer system a few months ago). You get to rent movies 1-2 weeks before they come out on DVD. However, the longer you work there, the less you think of the benefits. You start to realize that for 2-3 hours work at another job, you can pay for a movie pass and get unlimited rentals. Non-rental benefits I never used so don't really have an opinion about them.

Job Security. Oh my. You have no fear of losing your job. You may feel like it sometimes when your store doesn't reach its unobtainable goals, but you really have nothing to fear aside from the occasional write-up. I had several people I worked with that ranged from ridiculously lazy (to the point where I would rather work alone than have to watch them get paid for nothing) to unbelievably crazy (crazy enough to currently be living in assisted housing). Despite this, I have never seen an employee fired. Basically, no matter how bad you suck at this very easy job, you will not get fired unless you get caught stealing something.

Balance was great. I went to school while working here and the schedule was very flexible. I always got as many hours as I wanted and got the days off I needed (as long as I requested them off within a reasonable amount of time).

Growth and Potential is laughable. There is 1 real promotion to shift lead. Aside from that, you may get lucky and find an assistant store manager position nearby if one opens up. All in all, there are 2 advancements, and both are just glorified versions of your starting job. They don't pay a whole lot more, but much more is required of you.

Location was great. I biked to work to save on gas money. Blockbusters are all over the place so it should be easy to find a nearby one.

Co-worker competence depends on the worker. A lot of the workers were fantastic. They did what was required and were fun to work with. There will also be some downright horrible employees. A lot of these have worked at blockbuster longer than most, but due to nobody getting fired ever, they keep sticking around because their job is secure. Blockbuster is not a hard job, but co-workers will find a way to mess up the easiest and most basic tasks.
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