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From Miami, FL — 07/03/2007

The company had a good concept in the beggining. However by pushing their online activations and not rewarding stores for doing so, they are hurting their retail business. Why would I want to continue paying $5 per rental if I can get UNLIMITED rentals via mail for only $9.99? No wonder they are closing a lot of stores.

Company also doesn't want to spend money on their stores. They are still running MSDOS on their computers!!! Prepaire to memorize at least 20 commands to get the basic functionality out of it. Most of the people I worked with were deadbeats or drug users (good for them that Blockbuster is too cheap to do drug tests even on managers). Here and there there were good and caring folks, but few and far between.

On a positive side, store manager's schedule is one of the best in the industry, with Sundays off and only 1 closing a week. Benefits were pretty good also. Pay is mostly fair and decent.
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