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From Long Island, NY — 01/19/2010

First, I would like to say that I believe it is very ignorant and close-minded to speak of a company as if every single environment is the same. In my time having been employed buy BBY, I went to 2 stores. I cannot explain explain to you how distinct each store really was. One was absolutely atrocious, the other was just fine - an okay place to work & pretty good atmosphere.

It makes absolutely no sense to piss & moan about a company as a whole. Every experience will be 100% different.

PAY __ Somewhat fair. I mean really, your paid to just organize a few items & talk to people all day. Boo hoo, customers can get a little pissy but that's RETAIL. Evaluations & many different position openings allow you oppurtunities to UP your pay, sometimes very high. Naturally, initiative has to be shown. Occassionally, there's that store that you need to be brown-nosing to get a raise, as with many other companies.

RESPECT__ This category should not be on here so generically for this company. I mean, when you call HR or something they're pretty nice to you I guess ? But EVERY STORE will range from cool & respectful co-workers & managers to completeley ignorant disrespectful ones.

BENEFITS__The benefit that stands out the most is the CRAZY discount. You practically pay wholesale price for the items which is excellent. You can really stock up good stuff working here. I never got a full-time position at my time at BBY so I don't have much to say about the rest.

JOB SECURITY__Typically not to bad when you're good at doing your job. Like with any other company, the more valuable employees will be secure and get more hours. Employees who aren't lazy & give good availability too, not the ones who schedule themselves to NEVER close & don't work weekends. Those will be replaced the quickest, usually. Laying off is not typical.

WORK/LIFE BALANCE__You have to be smart about your work ethic in order to have a proper balance, or else you will be a slave to Best Buy. BBY Managers, for instance, are ALWAYS there. During the holidays you may find yourself living at Best Buy, but that's just the way it is & it's not like your not getting paid for it.

CAREER POTENTIAL/GROWTH__BBY went to a recent "restructure". Many stores fell victim to complete rearrangment. Theres ONE supervisor for like 6 different departments including Computers & another Sup for Home Theater & Appliances -- it is absolutely ABSURD. Senior positions & other leadership roles have been cut short dramatically. There's much talent at many BBY's, unfortunately many of those talents will go unrewarded because the growth aspect has become so limited due to the ridding of many supervisor/leadership positions. You really have to put yourself out there & commit in order to make a move, nowadays.

LOCATION__Here in NY there are BBY's in almost every exit. Hah.

CO-WORKER COMPETENCE__Varies. BBY is although, the most likely place you will find someone who know's what there talking about when it comes to certain electronics. EX. Magnolia Home Theater or GeekSquad. Competence & courtesy although, will be based purely on work ethic & morale.

WORK ENVIRONMENT__Can be very fast-paced depending on the time of year or can be very calm...The day goes by fast when you keep yourself busy.

Overall, your experience will be influenced by your perception of retail & work ethic. Some of you will get unlucky and fall into the misfortunes of it all, but I would recommend atleast giving it a try. Work isn't always fun, it's not really meant to be. But Best Buy does atleast give you oppurtunities to make it your own.
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