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From NYC/Long Island area — 11/14/2009

I have worked in 3 stores over 7 years. Fun place to work if you make the effort to make it fun. Management will promise you the world but only give you just enough to NOT quit. Good place to put on your resume however if you stay for more than 2-3 years, make sure you are going to make it a career or else no other job interviewer will understand what you do at Best Buy and your time will have been wasted.

Pay: Very good pay for what you actually do and compared with other retailers. Inconsistent and unfair pay system though.

Respect: A lot like high school, you will be respected if you are liked and have a good relationship with peer and management. Customers will NOT have respect for you and as far as they are concerned you are beneath them. They may not blatantly disrespect you, but it is very obvious disrespect. Be prepared to have the ENTIRE WORLD ask you about any and everything that has to do with any kind of electronics whether you are on or off the clock, on the way home, getting into your car, on your lunch break, using the bathroom, whatever.

Benefits: Very good benefits. 401K, and there's even an employee stock purchase deal.

Job Security: You wont have to worry about losing your job, unless you are late like everyday or steal. Best Buy remains at or near the top of all retailers. Be prepared to take a pay cut if you leave though because you will not make the same amount of money doing the same thing anywhere else.

Work/Life Balance: You will work twice as hard on weekends, evenings, & holidays. You will have no life. While the rest of the world is spending time with family, socializing and enjoying life, you will be dealing with pushy, impatient customers. Get used to missing out on many weekend events.

Career Potential/Growth: Best Buy is constantly opening new stores. As long as you do good work, AND have good relations with leadership (kiss a little @$$) you WILL be promoted. There are MANY openings and oppurtunities to get promoted.

Location: Again, there are stores all over the Tri-State area so you will never need a long commute unless you choose it.

Co-worker competence: You will work with mostly young college students who feel like Best Buy is "beneath them" and swear that they will earn a six figure income elsewhere when they graduate. They will usually do as little as they can. As time passes and they realize that Best Buy is their only option, there will be a change in behavior and sudden rush to try for a promotion...usually accompanied with major bus tossing and @$$-kissing.

Work Environment: Overall a fun place to work with lots of opportunity.

If you don't mind working "odd hours", weekends and holidays, and you are able to comfortably coach, train, and hold people accountable, then go for it. I personally outgrew the company. I needed my weekends and wanted more stability.
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