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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth1
Work Environment4

From Phoenix, Arizona — 07/28/2009

Pay was great for the job, I got nice raises at the six-month and one-year points. If you knew what you were doing, you had a lot of respect from everyone, if not, you were an outcast... lucky for me, I knew what I was doing. Benefits, for me, were okay. You have an employee discount that may or may not be that great, depending on the item. I was only part-time, so I didn't get "real" benefits. Job security was good, if you knew your stuff, you were good to go... if not... actually, they'd put you in another department, so they like to keep their employees.

Work and life balance... meh. Best Buy has a way of making you feel as if the company should be what you eat, sleep, and drink. Scheduling itself was indeed flexible and easy to manipulate, but the psychological impact of coming home after work, *still* thinking about customers, sales, etc. That's what I couldn't stand, personally. Career growth was another fail. With the new operating model, Best Buy has locked its full-time positions into very exclusive, hard-to-get privileges. Other than that, they profess they'll help your future career, no matter what... not really, when the company keeps plugging "I'll work here forever" into your head...

Our location was great; close to home and close to other BB locations. Co-workers were awesome, managers are very respectful and make effort to know you. Actual sales reps were trained very well, managers not so much. We often commented that it wasn't fair the managers didn't have to internalize as much as us, when we had to be experts in cameras, computers, media, car electronics, gaming, and mp3 players. It is indeed a lot to ask. Our store was clean, and if an area was dusty, we dusted it. Best Buy stores, however, are loud and have many shiny objects - not so good for ADHD people ;)
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