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4.3Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Colonial Heights, Virginia — 05/25/2009

Store 788 was an awesome store! It was my first job!
I gave it a 4 for pay because since it was my first job and I was still in high school, I considered 9.27/hr amazing pay! Especially since I was getting so many hours!
I gave it a 2 for respect, because although I would have some people that would usually tell me what a good job I was doing, I was rarely recognized by management.
I gave it a 4 for benefits because, since I was in high school I didn't really need any insurance or anything, but the employee discount was a dream! Once, I got a tv stand that was selling for $180, for only $35! And they carried it to the car for me!
I gave job security a 4 because majority of the people I was hired with were still there when I left a year later. The only reason they'd fire you is if you stole from the company or you abused the employee discount, which rarely happened.
I gave it a 0 for work/life balance because it seemed like I spent most of my time at work when I wasn't in school. But, it's a sacrifice I had to make for all the hours and money I got!
I gave career growth a 2 because although I never got promoted, I saw a lot of people around me moving up in their jobs. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, the people who moved up were less deserving of it then those who actually wanted the positions.
The location was perfect! It was surrounded by a Target, a Walmart, a Mall, a movie theater, and tons of fast food places that you could go to on your breaks!
I gave co-worker competence a 4 because I have never seen any group of employees have the amount of knowledge about a product as the employees at this Best Buy! It was incredible! They helped me buy the laptop that I still use today!
The work environment was so friendly, I had to give it a 5! Everyone there was your friend, and occasionally we'd get together and go out for a midnight dinner! We were light a tight-knit family! We even had parties, barbeque dinners, and volunteered to walk for diabetes together!
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