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From Waco, Tx — 10/24/2007

Pay was excellent while employed there, I made $10+ as Customer Serice; read CASHIER. This is an excellent wage in the economically depressed area that is Waco, Tx. In Dallas, TX you can make $35k a year as an hourly Home Theatre salesperson. It is not commisioned, but very much a pressure to make large sales and an extreme pressure not to allow returns. Talking upset customers out of returning product is never fun.
Respect was great at my location, but it all really just depends on the people you work for or with. I would suggest spending some time browsing as a customer and pay attention to how people interact with you.
Benefits for retail are EXCELLENT, recognition is really stressed, Insureance is a very reasonable price, employee discounts are based off cost and you get great accomodations with alot of outside companies. Bonus system for all employees, and online access to policies and benefits, W2, paystubs is very convienient.
Job Security and Growth potential were never an issue for me but I did watch a ton of employees get cycled through. Promotions never seem to come from within and people constantly are being let go for very meanial things other managers may have oerlooked or given you a warning for.
Co-worker Competence is pretty high, I am always impressed with how much these people know about all the products they sell. Where else in retail do your employees actually care?
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